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LED Golf Balls with the quality of a real golf ball

The Twilight Balls are standard golf balls that light up when contacted, so your twilight rounds can go as long as you want.

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    The Twilight Balls are easy to find when playing golf at night.

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    No charger needed - just hit the ball!

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    The golf ball will stay lit for 8 minutes after every swing, and the battery lasts 60 hrs.

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    Get more out of your golf rounds by extending your playtime after sunset!

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    Flies almost like a real golf ball. Far better than most competition.



Contact the ball and it will begin emiting light


Watch your shot as is glides through darkness


Balls stay lit for 8 minutes, plenty of time for you to find your ball and set up for your next shot.

How Twilight Balls compare:

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Here's what golfers have to say


How long do Twilight balls light up for and last?

Upon impact, Twilight balls light up and last 8 minutes giving you enough time to locate the ball in darker conditions.

The total battery life of a Twilight ball is 60 hours thus lasting you around 500 swings per ball. 

How well do Twilight balls fly?

Unlike other LED golf balls the Twilight balls have been engineered to match a regular golf ball as closely as possible. 

Given the electronics it's not possible to make a ball exactly the same as a regular golf ball, but we're pretty close.

Due to the weight and exterior material of a Twilight ball we've been able to pretty closely replicate the flight of a ball and would compare it to being 85% as good as a regular golf ball. Compared to what we've evaluated to be 50-60% on other LED golf balls.

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