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A golf training aid that gives instant feedback on your swing.

The DivotDaddy PRO is a sequin based mat that gives you a detailed analysis of how your club head makes contact with the ground.

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    Improve your swing consistency by analyzing your divot.

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    Get instant feedback on your ball contact.

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    Practice in the comfort of your own home or backyard - with or without a ball!

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    Don't waste your money on range balls without real time divot feedback.

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    ULTRA Durable - Sequins don't fly off, lasts over 5000 swings



Improve your golf swing by mastering your divot.

A divot tells you everything about your swing. Seeing an instant representation of your divot, helps you build muscle memory for that perfect swing.


  • Setup the DivotDaddy indoors or outdoors in seconds.

  • Save your lawn from unwanted divots.

  • Get more out of your range session with detailed divot data.


  • Setup the DivotDaddy indoors or outdoors in seconds.

  • Save your lawn from unwanted divots.

  • Get more out of your range session with detailed divot data.


RATED #1 at Home Training Aid by PGA Professionals.

Numerous PGA Golf Professionals have already seen the power of DivotDaddy for themselves.


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    Durability - thin yet sturdy sole prevents rips against the hardest swings. Also, we put extra effort into the sequins so they will never fly off.

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    Versatility - Use it anywhere, no velcro needed and a stake for outdoor usage is provided. It also comes with a clip for your golf bag.

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    Precision - Clearer divot than grass. Your divot is more precise and clear than anywhere else. This means greater improvements on your swing.

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    Higher limits - Don't just swing like you're practicing, swing like you mean it. The PRO can withstand your hardest swing, if not, we'll give you your money back.


How long will the DivotDaddy PRO last me?

The DivotDaddy PRO has been designed to withstand the hardest of swings. Unlike the Divot Daddy standard, the Divot Daddy PRO has a strong rubber base as well as stronger fabric and sequins. The sequins have been designed to not fly off even against the hardest of swings 

From our tests minimal wear & tear occurs after ~250 swings.

After 1000 swings the Divot Daddy pro might have some bent sequins, but functionality doesn't change.

We've tested a unit up to 2500 swings and it still is just as functional as when it was brand new.

How do I setup the DivotDaddy PRO?

For Indoor use - Simply lay the mat down on any surface, the bottomside of the rubber sole was designed to create enough friction to prevent any moving.

For Outdoor use - Pin the DivotDaddy down using the included stake.

Then just practice your swing with, or without a ball!

Should I get a Divot Daddy PRO or Standard?

The Divot Daddy Standard is our $39.99 alternative to the Divot Daddy PRO.

The Divot Daddy PRO was designed to help anyone ranging from beginners to PGA PROs. It can withstand much harder hits, provides a far more clear divot and lasts a lot longer.

The Divot Daddy Standard is a great alternative to the occasional golfer who wants to improve their swing but isn't invested enough into improving their game.

The Divot Daddy PRO is a long term solution for the ambitious golfer.

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